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At IDELT we cover every stage of industrialization of a product, by monitoring, helping, suggesting and serving our customers during each step.

Concept, Cosmestic and Functional Design

Based on customer’s idea, at IDELT we design and draw the products. We deliver several concept and cosmetic proposals and, based on the chosen one, we develop the industrial design, taking into account its functionality and the technology through which it will be processed.

  • Advising services and Proposition of Technical Solutions to Ensure the Quality of the Product
  • Adjusting of Geometries towards the manufacturing technology

Prototyping and first samples

-Through additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing), we manufacture parts, in 2-3 days, that can be used as dimensional prototypes, marketing samples, functional prototypes or final unit parts

-Using the prototype obtained as a template, within a period of approximately 10 days, we manufacture a silicone mold in which a range of urethanes, with mechanical characteristics similar to the final material, are vacuum casted.

-We manufacture prototype injection molds for plastics and we inject definitive thermoplastics (ABS, POM, PA+GF, PBT, PC, PMMA, EPDM…) in our in-house facilities, from 10 to several thousand pieces.

-Sand or Die Casted Aluminum prototypes can be supplied with or without machining.

Manufacturing of tools

Once the product is confirmed through the design and prototyping stages, we manufacture plastic injection molds.

We specialize in molds for low and medium production, using materials such as aluminum or soft steel depending on the estimated production life. Resin to be injected and the requested part finish (mirror polishing, EDM, texturing, etc.) are also concepts that define the mold materials.

Additionally, we suggest design changes based on improving both the manufacturing of the mold and the injection process, which equals savings in investment and production costs.


We produce parts on which, if required by the product, we can add components, technologies and further processes such as assembling, painting and ultrasound welding.

IDELT takes care of your project, from and at any of its STAGES.

IDELT provides TURNKEY PROJECTS to its customers through a single partner-supplier, saving management and administration costs and, therefore, ensuring optimal timing and effectiveness along the development of their products.

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